The American Bathlette Company is registered under the name of bizi bee enterprises. It is a privately held company with headquarters in Daly City, California in the county of San Mateo.We are an international importer with contacts in China, Japan, Korea and the Philippines. We sell various products and provide services to our customers.

You may check our registered business license with the city of Daly City or San Mateo County..

And if you ever have a serious complaint about us, there are many business associations that montior companies for business consumer complaints and allow you to file a complaint. Do a computer search under "consumer complaints". But, we only ask that you call our number at (707) 637-2134, to try and resolve the problem, before you file a complaint.

We want you to know that we are an honest company following ethical business practices and are always aiming to please the customer and our partners. Without good customers and associates, like you, we would not have a business.

Bizi bee enterprises was created to provide products and services to the public and our business partners. Our primary business focus is importing unique affordable products from around the world, selling directly to the customer and establishing distribution centers through business relationships with interested dealers and distributors.

Welcome to our company.