If this the first time you are using a bidet, the following are some precautions you should take:

1. If you have a hot and cold manual model (HB150 or CB302, not an electronic model), make sure that you gradually turn up to hot. Going directly to hot and waiting for it to get warm may burn your bodily parts, if you are not careful. The manual hot and cold models are like using a shower. You wait until you adjust the water temperature, before you enter the shower.

2. When using the hot water function on the manual models, you will have to wait until the hot water travels from the hot water heater to the bidet. This operation is typical for any facet running hot water manually. The electronic model will give you hot or warm water instantly, especially if you leave the unit on.

3. Gradually turn up the water pressure gently and pick a water pressure that is right for you, otherwise too much pressure could make you feel uncomfortable.

4. If your recently had an operation in the anal or feminine areas, then be careful when using the bidet, so that you do not irritate any sensitive areas. Always use a gentle setting when using the bidet.

5. Always clean up afterwards, to leave the bathroom clean and dry for the next user.

6. If you are using a public bidet, be considerate of others, especially if you have a contagious disease or digestive problem. In this case, do not use public facilities or use them with discretion. As in any public bathroom situation protecting yourself is your responsibility. Using any public facilities are always at your own risk.

7. Do not lean on dials or bidet foundation or force the knobs to turn unnecessarily, this may cause breakage.

8. Be sure to turn off the water when completed with washing.

9. Clean the jets with a toothbrush, once in a while and be careful when cleaning. The jets are fragile.

And most of all, enjoy your bidet!